Ecole Blondeau

The School infrastructure has been meticulously designed by Nicolas Blondeau for the comfort and well-being of horses.

There are 14 spacious and airy boxes around a courtyard and there is a large, bright wash bay for grooming and day-to-day care. Areas have been provided for in-hand and ridden work, and there are paddocks and tracks bordered by trees to provide shade.  

This sanctuary for the horse is a haven of peace, where the days pass to the rhythm of hoof beats as the horses leave their stables to be worked.

The Ecole Blondeau has an atmosphere of intimacy - an embodiment of the words of safety, courage, respect and pleasure.  The method taught and brought to life by Nicolas Blondeau ensures the steady building of a relationship of confidence between man and horse. 


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La Grande Pièce St-Hilaire St-Florent
49400 SAUMUR
Tél : 33(0)2 41 50 70 50

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Ecole Blondeau