“Simplify life for man, make it pleasant for horses“.

Horsemanship unites two living beings, not unlike a love affair.  The Blondeau Method uses this  union to establish a true partnership, which in turn enables the rider to become a horseman.  The method is used on all breeds of horse and in all disciplines, including racing (galloping or trotting), sport and leisure.  The great advantage of the approach is that it can be used at all stages of development of the horse or the rider.  


The process starts with an analysis of the mental and physical faculties of each horse in order to maximise its potential.  The method encourages mental and physical relaxation, which enables the horse to remember for life what it has learned.  This form of schooling optimises and conditions the horse for the rest of his career, and this gentle method consolidates the safety of both riders and grooms.  Once so trained, the willing horse will use his inherent strength to work with ease, whatever the discipline.  To Blondeau a horse is to love and observe him, and to make a great effort to understand him.  "Rather than just addressing the animal's body, we must also address his mind" (Jack Le Goff).  In other words, we need to think like a horse. 

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