Dressed in a flat hat and jodhpurs, with Paris Turf sticking out of his pocket, Nicolas Blondeau is the torchbearer of the ancient teachings of horsemanship.  Like an artist or musician, for him it is natural:  it is something he was born with.  

He is one of those people who are fully conscious of the gift they possess, and who expand and develop it before passing it on to others.  The Blondeau method is the work of one man, the fruit of a lifetime of experience and a passion for the relationship between man and horse. 

It is intuitive horsemanship.

Skill cannot be learnt from books alone
Général L'Hotte

Nicolas Blondeau created his method from his own knowledge and experience, and from that of the great French masters of equitation.  He develops and adapts it continually, drawing upon scientific advances in ethology and respect for the character of the animal and its willingness to do well.  Today his method is recognised and approved by owners, trainers, riders and others who work in the equestrial world.  They all appreciate the considered approach, which combines confidence and communication and leads to results and effectiveness.  

He uses a strong, reassuring voice and body language to great effect.  His hazel stick becomes an extension to his arm, both to support a verbal instruction and to stroke the animal in praise.  The essence of the Blondeau method is to generate a partnership:  a man and a horse completely in tune with one another.


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